View Special Support Initiatives at Each School

Name School Contact Phone Description
5000 Role Models South Broward High Eric Charles
5000 Role Models McNicol Middle Kenneth Bankston 754-323-3400 Mentorship Program
Academic Support Coconut Creek Elementary Yetta Karp/Jessica Johnston In addition to our Literacy Coach, Ms. Karp and Ms. Johnston provide Academic Support to students and teachers.
Access to Community Resources Wingate Oaks Center Wingate Oaks Center support staff and leadership teams are committed to providing the students with the highest quality of services daily.

Support team members work directly with families providing access to community resources such as respite care, medical and social

services, advocacy groups, transition planning as well as the guardianship process for students entering adulthood. Wingate Oaks Center is

unique in that the team will identify, locate and provide services to foster complete integration of students into their communities.

All of these strategies ensure that all students at Wingate Oaks Center do learn and their lives are \"open a world of possibilities!\"

ADMIU Silver Lakes Middle Jonathan Thomas 754-322-4600 Boys Mentoring Club
Adopt-a-Student (School-Based Mentoring Program) William Dandy Middle School Marc Larose 754-322-3200 Our school-based mentoring program provides guidance and support to students in need. It is an innovative supplement to the traditional learning that takes place at William Dandy Middle School, providing our students with another avenue through which they might feel more confident about their

schoolwork, improve their attitudes and commitment to learning, and develop more fully as a person. The program is aligned to our School Wide Positive Behavior Plan and it has been implemented and monitored for the past 5 years by Mr. Marc Larose (Intern Principal).
Amanda's Place Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Manoucheka Dolcine 754-321-6700 An interactive parenting program offering \"Mommy & Me\" and \"Daddy & Me\" classes for age's birth to 36 months.
Angeline H. Flowers Drew, Charles Elementary 754-322-6250 Principal's Pals: Peer Mentoring Program
Appropriate Behavior Wingate Oaks Center Appropriate behavior is also an essential component of the learning process. The vision statement for effective positive behavioral support at

Wingate Oaks is to enhance the quality of life for all students by providing a comprehensive system of behavioral support. The focus is on

prevention of inappropriate behavior and teaching students and adults by structuring the environment, practicing, and reinforcing expected

behaviors. We believe in a team-based approach that is proactive and respects the dignity of all the consumers at Wingate Oaks Center. In

addition, school, family, and community members are encouraged to participate in each of the levels of support, so as to create a set of

environments that are responsible and consistent. PBS is a data driven system. Its development is based on empirically validated methods of

teaching expected behaviors and working with problem behaviors. As a result, objective information will be continuously gathered on a

regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.
Art Assistive Technology Wingate Oaks Center With the use of state of the art assistive technology, our students participate in activities emphasizing academics, communication, activities of

daily living, social and vocational skills. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff is unique in that they are provided with training, coaching,

and mentoring while delivering instruction daily. The research and learning is seamless for the students, faculty, and staff at Wingate Oaks

Center. Our belief is that all students can learn!

ASD Cluster Cypress Elementary Heather Oken 754-322-6050 Autism Cluster for PK-3
ASD CLuster Oakland Park Elementary Jennifer Gans 754 322 7500 Autism Cluster for K/1
ASD Cluster Larkdale Elementary Nicole Grosvenor ASD classes for grades K-1
ASD Programs Sandpiper Elementary Ruthanne Newell 754-322-8450 Sandpiper has ASD classes K-5
Assistant Principal Westglades Middle Shaante Collie 754-3
Best Buddies Glades Middle Jennifer Moser 754-323-4600 Student-centered program that pairs Peer Counselors with our SVE students to provide support and guidance.
BEST BUDDIES William Dandy Middle School Shanel Kates-Brown 754-322-3200 Our \"Best Buddies\" promotes one-on-one friendships between students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those without a disability, within the school. This program tries to break social barriers at a difficult time in a teenager's life.The program's main purpose is to allow volunteers to be paired up with a buddy with a disability and provide them with a friend or a mentor.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Banyan Elementary Carol Roberts 754 322-5350 Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a school based mentoring program that brings 20 years of experience with the Broward County School District right into student's homes in their new virtual format.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Sawgrass Springs Middle School Sharon Murray 754 322-4500 Big Brother and Big Sisters (BBBS) mentoring Group is designed work with students who require leadership, social and academic skills. BBBS works closely with local universities as well as Coral Glades High School. BBBS provides mentors from the community to serve as positive role models in their pursuit of making career choices.
Boys 2 Men Banyan Elementary LaShawn Smith-Settles 754-322-5350 To empower selected boys by increasing positive self esteem as well as academic success.
Cambridge South Plantation High School Cindy O\'Brien 754-323-2008
CEA (Community Engagement Association) William Dandy Middle School Marsha Grandison-Taylor 754-322-3200 The Community Engagement Association is an initiative that allows us to partner with certain churches and local organizations to offer mentoring services to our students.

CHAMPS Larkdale Elementary Althea Davis School-wide management program to keep students focused, engaged in learning, and responsible and accountable for their own actions.
CHAMPS (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success) Central Park Elementary Jennifer Kinggard 754-322-5703 This schoolwide classroom management system is to develop an instructional structure in which students are responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in the specific task at hand.
Character Education/Social Emotional Learning Discovery Elementary Valerie Harley-Gardner 754-322-9100
Character Education/Social Emotional Learning Contact Ramblewood Middle Stephanie Lipnack 7543224300 Responsible for sharing monthly activities and nomination Kids of Character awards.
Clubs Sandpiper Elementary Melissa Hernandez 754-322-8450 Sandpiper has a variety of clubs including Chess, Dance, Chorus, Debate, Art and Men of Tomorrow.
Clubs at Floranada Floranada Elementary Lisa Leider / Mary Flower 754-322-6350 We host 16 clubs at Floranada Elementary school. It is our goal to make sure that every child leaves our school prepared both academically and socially for the next level. Our 16 clubs are available beginning as early as kindergarten and a few are reserved only for upper grades as developmentally appropriate.
College Summit Peer Forward Blanche Ely High Buffie Phillips (754) 322-1009 Peer mentoring program to increase College Career focus for Blanche High School Student Body.
Collegiate Academy Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy Dr. Cheryl Cendan 754 322 3900 Students have the opportunity to participate in Millenniums high school program where they will earn an Associate degree along with their high school diploma.
Community Liaison McNicol Middle Jona Brown
Daniel Linado Drew, Charles Elementary 754-322-6250 Men of DREW Mentoring Program
Digital 3, 4, and 5 Cypress Elementary Arnold Palenzuela 754-322-6050 Digital 3, 4, & 5 is used in all Grades 3, 4, and 5 classrooms. Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students and their teachers utilize laptops, digital resources, online instructional materials and other learning tools to maximize student learning. Each student is assigned a laptop which is used in the classroom.
Digital 3-5 Larkdale Elementary Sabrina Singletary One-to-one technology for students in grades 3-5, where students utilize laptops, digital resources, online instructional materials and other learning tools to maximize student learning.
Doughnuts for Dads Banyan Elementary Bree Condee 754-322-5350 An initiative to increase Dads participation in school.
Dual Language Oakland Park Elementary Michelle Garcia Dual Language Program in Spanish
Dual Language Program Cypress Elementary Fabiana Spiteri 754-322-6050 Dual Language Spanish program in grades K-5
Dual Language Program Silver Palms Elementary Polett Williams 754-323-7450 Dual Language (English/Spanish) Program
ECO Patrol Griffin Elementary Jacque Sanchez 754-323-5650 Student recycle and also work in the environmental center to learn the importance of keeping the earth clean for future generations.
Effective Communication Wingate Oaks Center Effective communication is essential to ensure learning gains. The mission for communication at Wingate Oaks Center School is to enhance

student communication by providing continuous opportunities throughout the school day. The results of effective communication are

demonstrated by continuous Individualized Education Plan (IEP) progress for all students. Our Speech Therapist provides services to verbal

and nonverbal students by addressing expressive and receptive language customized to the individual. Augmentative communication such

as voice output devices and picture exchange systems along with a multi modality approach are infused throughout the school day.
Environmental Science Magnet Program South Plantation High School JoAnn Cantlupe (754) 323-2055
ESE Pre-K Programs Park Springs Elementary Molly Abitbol 754-322-7750 We have the following Pre-K Programs at Park Springs: AM/PM Speech and Language, Specialized and Intensive Classes
ESE Pre-K Programs Sandpiper Elementary Camille LaChance 754-322-8450 Sandpiper has Pre-k Intensive and Pre-K Specialized classes.
F.A.S.T Croissant Park Elementary Suzan DeMeo The Fort Lauderdale Police Department will be partnering with the elementary schools in the Ft. Lauderdale area to create a relationship between our schools, the communities, and law enforcement. FLPD will be working with 3rd grade students in a variety of ways in order to be positive role models, and to help change the perception that many students have of law enforcement.
Faith-Based Partnership William Dandy Middle School Marsha Grandison-Taylor 754-322-3200 Our WDMS Leadership Team and WDMS Teachers visit our Faith-Based Partners quarterly to increase parental engagement, to promote our excellent Magnet Program, mentoring and volunteering.

Here is a \"List of our Faith-Based Partners\":

Harris Chapel

2351 NW 26 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Pentecostal Temple Revival Center

2050 NW 27 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Lighthouse Worship

2201 NW 24 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Gateway Christian (2 blocks east of WDMS on 26 St)

2130 NW 26 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Praise Tabernacle International (Northwest Corner of Sunrise Blvd & 441)

1050 NW 43rd Ave, Plantation, FL 33313
First Priority Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Mr. Bosk 754-321-6800 First Priority is a student club designed to create student leaders who influence the culture of faith within the school. Students meet to discuss ways to increase their knowledge in faith as well as the knowledge of their fellow classmates. They club meets regularly throughout the school year.
Florida Educators of America ( FEA) William Dandy Middle School Marsha Grandison-Taylor 754-322-3200 Dr. Taylor meets with the FEA students once a week to discuss what it means to be an educator and the necessary steps to take to make it a reality.
Foster Grandparents Program Banyan Elementary Ms. Settles 754 322-5350 Grandparents are trained in providing support to both teachers and students.
Gessy Sainvilus Drew, Charles Elementary 754-322-6250 Men of Drew Mentoring Program
Grandparents Program Larkdale Elementary Francine Mitchell Grandparents volunteer in the classrooms working hands-on with students and teachers.
GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Mr. Antonio Wright/Mr. Rashad Gunthrop 754-321-6800 GSA is a student-led or community-based organization that is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for our middle and high school students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) children, teenagers, and youth as well as their heterosexual allies.
Guidance-Classroom Visits Coral Glades High Laura Kandetzke 754-322-1250
HCE TEAMS:Teaching Enrichment Activities to ManateeS Hollywood Central Elementary Kelly Heverly HCE TEAMS are a variety of extracurricular school activities that students in grades 2-5 can participate in. HCE TEAMS include : Sea Cow Striders and Manatee Milers running teams, Spanish Competition Club, Step/Dance Club, Chinese Club, Chess Club, Environmental Art Club, WHCE ITV Media Club, Safety Patrol, Keyboard (piano) Club, Book Club, Poetry Club and Chorus.
Helping Hands Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Stacy Brown 754-321-6803 This initiative was developed to monitor and encourage our seniors to full their graduation requirements. Our non-instructional and instructional staff members all pitch in to ensure our seniors graduate. Staff members check in weekly or sometimes daily depending on the need of the student to monitor their academic, social and emotional well being. As a result, 2018-2019 Dave Thomas and Charles Drew Family Resource Center graduated 250 students.
Homeroom / Advisory Period Silver Lakes Middle Sophonie Gaspard 754-322-4600 All students will have a homeroom teacher for mentoring, data chats, social-emotion learning activities and ELO opportunities.
Hope Sunshine Club William Dandy Middle School Ana Gabriela Joseph 754-322-3200 Helping




The main goal for the Hope Sunshine Club is to provide students with a safe place in which they can develop skills to reduce feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that often lead to suicide while fostering a sense of community. The club meets weekly for 60 minutes throughout the school year.

Inclusive Classes Floranada Elementary Lauren Ryan / Lauren Gordon 754-322-6350 In grades 1-5 our children with disabilities are given a supportive class room. This means that those students will be in class with a dual certified teacher and an Education Support Professional all day. This has effectively closed the achievement gap for our students with disabilities.
Jacques R. Moise Drew, Charles Elementary 754-322-6250 Men of Drew Mentoring Program
K-5 Autism Special Program Park Springs Elementary Meghan Gavagni 754-322-7750 We have an Autism Spectrum Disorder Special Program at Park Springs for grades K-5.
L612 Uniform Bank Lauderhill 6-12 Kristian Holmes 754-322-3600 Students will be able to access donated uniform tops or bottoms on an as needed basis.
Lady Braves Banyan Elementary LaShawn Smith-Settles 754-322-5350 A trained volunteer comes in weekly to provide resources and positive reinforcement to selected girls in Grades 4-5.
Latinos in Action Banyan Elementary Bree Condee 754-322-5350 Their mission is to empower latino students to lead and strenghten their communities through college and career readiness. Their emphasis is to focus on other latino youth to provide positive reinforcement and academic success.
Latinos in Action Riverside Elementary Sherry Rosen 754-322-8250
Latinos in Action South Broward High Otto Rodriguez
Listen To Children Tradewinds Elementary School Helen Leitch This program matches students with a caring adult who spends time weekly on campus. Services include developing self-esteem, promoting a positive attitude towards school, encouraging positive choices and increasing social skills for the success of the students.
Listeners Riverside Elementary Kitti Magill 754-322-8250
Mache Thompson Drew, Charles Elementary 754-322-6250 DREW COOL GIRLS Mentoring Program
MECCA Tutoring Program Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Manoushka Saintil 754-321-6700 MECCA provides tutoring services for students K-12.
Mentoring Dania Elementary (754) 323-5350
Mentoring Program Glades Middle Craig Kocis 754-323-4600 Designed to provide additional support to students by pairing them up with an adult on campus they can confide in on a regular basis.
Mentoring Tomorrows Leaders Larkdale Elementary Pierre Ceinor Mentoring program for intermediate boys.
Muffins for Mom Banyan Elementary Bree Condee 754-322-5350 An initiative to increase parental involvement.
No Place for Hate Silver Trail Middle Mr. Gieler 754-323-4300 No Place for Hate is a self-directed program helping all of the stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining school climate so all students can thrive.
Parent University Nights Banyan Elementary Veronica Jackson, Bree Condee, Chelsea Smith 754-322-5350 Assist Parents with understanding the Academic Curriculum
PASL Coral Glades High Brian Jassem 7543221250
PASL Blanche Ely High Dr. Rocie S. Clark (754) 322-0972 Personalization for academic and social learning (PASL). Blanche Ely PASL program actively encourages students to develop a sense of belonging to the school as a whole, as well as meaningful, positive connections with teachers, staff, and their peers.
PBL Grant Silver Lakes Middle Timothy Gore / Thomas Howard 754-322-4600 Project Based Learning grant for implementation through STEM, social studies and science departments.
Peer Counseling South Broward High Valerie Kelly
Peer Counseling Advisor Ramblewood Middle Christina Zabko 7543224300 Develop and enhance the health, safety and well being of our youth by focusing on peer education.
PINK Silver Lakes Middle Sophonie Gaspard 754-322-4600 Girls Mentoring Club
Positive Behavior Committee/PAWS for Applause Coral Glades High
PREP William Dandy Middle School Jamalyn Fitzpatrick 754-322-3200 PREP stands for Pretty Responsible Educated & Proud!

It is s a school-based mentoring group that teaches, expands and explores opportunities for young ladies that may not have the resources to do so.

Prevention Liaison Ramblewood Middle Christina Zabko 7543224300 Responsible for being the \"conduit\" between school and the supportive work of Diversity, Prevention & Intervention.
Principal's Book Club William Dandy Middle School Shernette Grant 754-322-3200 Our Principal, Ms. Shernette, meets with a group of students on a weekly basis to talk about an interesting book that has been selected by the students. The students visit Barnes and Nobles as well to explore tons of books that will turn them into strategic readers.
READING COACH Taravella, J.P. High CATHY GONZALEZ 322-2300
REGISTRAR Taravella, J.P. High DARLENE LEON 322-2300
RTI Support Service Blanche Ely High Rocie S. Clark (754) 322-0950 Facilitate efffectiveness of the RTI Process.
School Counseling Services Park Springs Elementary Nicole Tufo 754-322-7750 Our School Guidance Counselor provides counseling services in the areas of grief, family changes, academic, self confidence, and social skills. She works with many students on a weekly basis to support their social and emotional growth.
School Safety Patrol Central Park Elementary Barbara Scruggs 754-322-5700 School Safety Patrol members are school-sponsored student volunteers who patrollers direct children, not traffic. As school-age leaders in traffic safety, patrol members teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They also serve as models for younger children, who look up to them. Also, they serve in other leadership roles under the direction of school officials.
School Support Sunshine Elementary Sigried Palau 754-323-7709 Our department support schools and communities, promoting academic achievement by removing social and emotional barriers to success.
SEL Coral Glades High
SEL Grant Silver Lakes Middle Sophonie Gaspard 754-322-4600 School wide social emotional learning Initiatives / schedule
SEL Initiative Mirror Lake Elementary Gigi McIntire 754-322-7106 District wide SEL initiative for the 2016-2017 school year.
SEL Liaison Indian Ridge Middle Shannon Rosado 754-323-3332 Social and Emotional Learning Liaison
SEL Liaison Whispering Pines Karen Kriger
Shaante Collie Westglades Middle 754-322-4800
Social Emotional Learning Blanche Ely High Blanche Ely Administrators and School Counselors (754) 322-0950 To provide teachers with Social Emotional Learning strategies to assist students with behavior indicators.
Social Work/Family Counselor Support Coral Glades High Valerie Stein/Nnecka Moncrieffe
South Florida Cares Mentoring Movement Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Mr. John Wells 754-321-6800 The mission of South FL Cares is to secure and transform the lives of Black children by inspiring, recruiting, training and mobilizing masses of caring adults to mentor and nourish them.
SPARKS Program Larkdale Elementary Karen Edwards Specialized Personnel Advancing Resources, Knowledge, and Skills
Start with Hello McNab Elementary Courtney Casella 754-322-7050 Start with Hello is a violence prevention program from Sandy Hook Promise designed to teach children how to reach out to peers that appear isolated to help these students feel like they are a part of the community.
STEM Innovative District School Lloyd Estates Elementary Josianne Gourdet 754-322-6800 The STEM Academy is designed to promote higher learning in elementary school students. We feel that it is important to expose high achieving students to a program that will further challenge their abilities and prepare them to be college and career ready for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Sun-Sentinel Character Education Central Park Elementary Gilia Martinez 754-322-5700 The District has focused instruction on the eight character traits: responsibility, citizenship, kindness, respect, honesty, self-control, tolerance and cooperation. A different character trait is highlighted each month and a nationally recognized curriculum has been developed. The teaching of character education is fundamental in preparing students for their future opportunities.
Unplug & Reconnect Atlantic Technical College And Technical High School Kimberly Jackson Unplug & Reconnect is an initiative established in 2016 which provides high school students an opportunity to engage with their peers in a creative, social, and supervised environment. Unplug & Reconnect is an on-campus activity during lunch where students unplug from their technology and electronic devices and connect with their peers through interactive board games, team building activities, and conversation starters. Students are allowed to chat-n-chew while enhancing their social skills and establishing positive peer relationships in a positive, fun, engaging, and interactive environment.
Urban League Volunteers Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Cynthia Hicks 754-321-6700 Urban League provide opportunities for citizens to get involved in their community
Watch D.O.G (Dad's of Great Students) Rock Island Elementary School Genevieve Stephenson 754-322-8300 Watch DOG is a national initiative aimed at increasing the involvement of fathers and father figures within our school. Fathers and father figures volunteer on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and provide support in a variety of areas.
Women of Tomorrow Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Ms. Andayaie Pierre 754-321-6800 The Women of Tomorrow mission is to inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a unique group mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities.
YMCA Dave Thoams Education - West Campus Sparkle Edwards 754-321-6700 The YMCA provides aftercare services for Head Start students.
YMCA Piper High Matt Dearen and Ken Walton 7543221720 The YMCA, in partnership with the Children's Service Council, provides after school services to complement school curricula, by offering additional learning opportunities for personal growth and social enrichment.
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